Our offer

We specialize in the production of forgings made of steel.

Our products made of carbon steel (regular and high quality) and alloy structural steels. We also produce forgings made of high-alloy steels: stainless and heat resistant.

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Our <span>offer</span>

The forgings produced at our premises can be subjected to the following thermal treatment processes:

  • quenching and tempering
  • normalizing

as well as finishing processes:

  • shot blasting
  • straightening
  • sizing
  • flaw detection

Complex customer service

We carry out individual projects according to the needs and documentation of our customers.

We cooperate with specialized measurement and testing laboratory, which allows comprehensive control of required parameters. All our products are subjected to measurement & quality check starting from the delivery of raw material, through the production process and finally to the shipment of finished product.

Additionally we have in-house tool shop, in which we design and produce dies, inserts, straighteners and other forging tools.

The required product quality is achieved by, among others, adequate human resources policy which is aimed at employment of highly-skilled professionals.

Our workforce consists of qualified engineering, technical and production employees,

Complex customer  <span>service</span> Complex customer  <span>service</span>
Complex customer  <span>service</span> Complex customer  <span>service</span>
Complex customer  <span>service</span>
Complex customer  <span>service</span>
Our customers can choose among receiving raw forgings as well as those machined, painted, subjected to surface treatment processes – depending on their needs.

Machining is carried out in cooperation with experienced machining companies that are part of capital-related group. They have specialized CNC machining centers as well as high-quality measurement equipment at their disposal.

www.tmw-wyszkow.pl www.pomel.com.pl

World-wide cooperation

For many years now our main trading partners are foreign companies. Forgings produced in Kuźnia Matrycowa Sp. z o.o. are found in final products on European, Asian and South American markets.

We are present in a global supply chain of significant industrial manufacturing companies. Our products are delivered to first assembly line of global industrial manufacturers.

World-wide  <span>cooperation</span>